Monday, June 03, 2013

Obama-Backed Turkish PM Defiant, Dismisses Demonstrations

US Media Mainly Disinterested in Struggle of Secular, Middle Class Turks

Clashes in Ankara

The struggle against clerical fascism (Islamism)  in Turkey rages on.

But the prime minister is defiant, determined to Islamize the nation. He is bent on dismantling the secular system, step-by-step, one new rule and headscarf at a time, so to speak. Hence, the Turkish Spring.

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The uprising in Turkey has created yet another foreign policy problem for the Obama administration, which has aligned the United States with Sunni Islamism under cover of stepped-up attacks on Al Qaeda leaders and operatives. With the exception of Al Qaeda, the administration considers all Islamists all right for engagement (collaboration). Rightwing political Islam is clearly viewed as an unstoppable force that must be appeased and, incredibly, in light of recent history, a movement that can still be manipulated and exploited to further U.S. interests. Islamists are in; secular Muslims are out.

The collaboration with Turkish Islamism is overt--Obama calls the PM a "good friend" and a partner. Click below to watch the video of their joint press conference at the White House, which was held almost three weeks ago, on May 16.

ENDNOTE 1: U.S. and European leftists and liberals are showing little sympathy for secular Turks. Reason: the people at the barricades are mainly middle class Turks--modern people who are fed up with the unfolding Islamist nightmare. Left/liberal idiots of appeasement of Islamism tend to see the religion that spawned the clerical fascist creed as the religion of the poor--i.e. the faith of restive Third World masses. Just as the Right cynically sought to use Islam as a sword and shield agains the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Left stupidly seeks to  harness the religion's political power in order to reduce U.S. power and influence in the world. But history has time and again shown that one who tries to ride the Islamist tiger ends up being eaten by it.

ENDNOTE 2: The U.S. media blackout is nearly complete. Liberal outlets show little interest in the unrest. Following the Obama party line, the so-called news organizations are only interested in burqas and beards, bombers and AK-47s. Modern, middle class people are boring in the eyes of the Obama-fawning press,  somewhat the way veteran civil rights leaders and activists lost their appeal to liberal loons in the late 1960s who became mesmerized by the Black Panthers. An African-American teacher or lawyer or social worker in everyday clothing--boring. An African-American "revolutionary" wearing a leather jacket and a beret, waving Mao's little red book--thrilling! So it goes.