Thursday, June 20, 2013

Obama's Failed Presidency Evident in Repeat Berlin Performance

Empty Rhetoric Fails to Impress

The failed Obama Presidency was on display in Berlin.

Empty rhetoric, style over substance…. Europeans suffering under austerity, disgusted with Washington's indirect support for Al Qaeda … in the name of democracy promotion and human rights … are over Obamamania.

Hope and change--a cruel joke.

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Obama could have been a … contender … our FDR. Instead, he was our Jimmy Carter crossed with Bill Clinton, clever and lucky enough to be reelected, mainly because the Republican Party has basically become the extreme rightwing party that is bent on dismantling what remains of the New Deal and the Great Society. So Obama looked good compared to his predecessor, the arrogant ignoramus Bush--who ruined both his country and his party--the moron McCain, who hails Islamist car bombers and cannibals as "freedom fighters," and the weird, dog-abusing, job-killing cleric Romney.

Obama failed to revive the economy, failed to create millions of decent, well paying, permanent jobs with benefits, failed to give his country what every civilized nation on earth has--national health insurance.

He has succeeded in spreading rightwing political Islam. Support for Islamism is his passion--along with nuclear disarmament.