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Pro-Obama Jewish Groups Supporting Pro-Islamist Power

Smooth Sailing for Samantha? Stage Set for  Confirmation of Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Islamist Interventionist Who Opposes Foreign Policy Based on National Interest and Effective, Peace Preserving Diplomacy

POWER GRAB: The stage is set for armed intervention in Syria. 

Nearly a century after a so-called visionary idealist, Woodrow Wilson, needlessly plunged the United States into the First World War--thus paving the way for Imperial Germany's humiliating defeat and the eventual rise of Hitler and the Nazis--another supposed idealist, Barack Obama, is furthering the Islamist conquest of the Middle East under the twin banners of democracy promotion and humanitarian assistance.

His UN envoy nominee was largely responsible for the unnecessary U.S. intervention in Libya, which resulted in its Islamist takeover, and clearly in favor of Obama's betrayal and abandonment of Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak in order to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in the most populous Arab country.

As ambassador to the world body, Samantha Power can be relied upon (a) to undermine Israel's efforts to effectively defend itself against Palestinian and Iranian proxy attacks, and (b) to zealously support U.S./NATO intervention in Syria at the risk of triggering a wider, regional conflict that could easily escalate into a world war.

Prince Otto Von Bismarck once famously and accurately predicted that if and when Europe's longstanding peace was broken, it would be due to “some damned foolishness in the Balkans." Today, it seems increasingly likely that the next global war could start in the Middle East--in Syria, specifically, where a civil war has been internationalized to an extent not seen, arguably, since the conflict that consumed Spain in the 1930s. In contrast with the Spanish Civil War, however, in which the good and evil--i.e. the anti-fascist and fascist--sides were obvious, the Syrian Civil War is a conflict between opposing types of fascism, Sunni and Shiite, with Washington on the Sunni side and Moscow on the Shiite side. No good can come of these interventions.

In the meantime, that important Jewish organizations and individuals long associated with supporting Israel are expressing support for fanatically pro-interventionist--and pro-Islamist--Power is, well, upsetting, to say the least.

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ENDNOTE: The threat to Israel is complex and rapidly intensifying. Pro-Muslim Brotherhood meddling in Syria on the part of the U.S., Turkey and Saudi Arabia has failed to break the Syrian-Iranian alliance. The Syrian regime is winning its war against the Islamist-led (Al Qaeda-connected) Sunni opposition; and Iranian and Hezbollah forces are now menacing the Golan Heights. It's not hard to imagine an escalating conflict scenario in which Israel would be forced to resort to World War II rules of engagement to prevent the complete rubbling of its population centers by barrages of missiles, including projectiles carrying chemical warheads, fired from towns and villages in Syria and Lebanon. Ensuing civilian casualties could result in Israel's increased isolation and condemnation at the United Nations--and threats of Russian intervention on the side of Israel's enemies. Turning to the U.S. for help, Israel could find the Obama administration's price for backing unacceptably high--namely, a demand that Israel immediately agree to speedily withdraw from all Arab lands captured during its defensive, Six-Day War of 1967, including eastern Jerusalem, plus additional territorial concessions, e.g. construction of a corridor across--as opposed to a highway beneath--the Negev desert, in order to create a contiguous Palestinian state stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

-André Pachter
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