Sunday, June 02, 2013

Secular Turks Fight On, Ignored by Craven Western Powers

Obama, Overtly Aligned with Muslim Brotherhood, Still Silent 

Pro-"Moderate" Islamist,  US Liberal Media Downplay Uprising; Leftists Who See Islam as Religion of Third World Masses and Republicans (the Moron McCain, for example) Who See Sword of Islam as Anti-Russian, Anti-Chinese Weapon Seem Stunned by Secular Muslim Protests

THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES: A clear choice between good and evil.

ISTANBUL, June 2, 2013 … The struggle against clerical fascism continues--in the streets of Turkish cities.

But the Obama administration and fawning liberal media outlets seem more interested in promoting U.S. intervention in Syria--on the side of Al Qaeda-linked Islamist "rebels"--than in supporting and reporting on secular Turks who are risking their lives to end their nation's U.S./NATO-assisted Islamist nightmare.

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Marching demonstrators have chanted, "We are all soldiers of Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk)!" A reference to the great, modernizing leader who freed Turkey from centuries of medieval Islamic oppression.

Which side is Obama on--the Kemalist side or the Islamist side? The side of barbarism and burqas, of jihad and suicide bombers, of enslavement of women and Jew-and-Christian-and-secular Muslim-hating imams, or the side of secularism and modernity? The mosque and madrassa side, or the museum and concert hall side? The side of Saudi-financed Islamic centers and institutes, or the side of real universities and colleges? The side of sharia law or civilized laws? Of "Islamic democracy" or genuine democracy? The inherently violent, ugly and intolerant side … which Obama … of "the Muslim world" … elevates to the level of a global power that is somehow in sync with the moral arc of the universe … or the side that stands for freedom, tolerance and real progress?

Time will tell.

This reporter's hope is that Turkey's army takes all necessary measures to safeguard the secular system--before it's too late.

Are the men in uniform … that is to say, the officers who have not been purged and arrested by the Obama-backed regime … are they … soldiers of Kemal … or soldiers of organized Islam and its clerical fascist creed, called Islamism?

Time will tell.

ENDNOTE 1: Sweeping away Turkey's clerical fascist filth would set the stage for revolution--not reform--in Iran. Sadly, the Obama administration and its European allies and Saudi Arabia, an extended, dysfunctional, family business that poses as a legitimate country and has no civil or human rights, have shown no interest in an Iranian revolution--i.e. replacing the Islamist regime with a secular government, meaning a republic or a constitutional monarchy. The administration and the Saudi tyranny merely seek reform in Iran--meaning, mullahs with whom they can do business.

ENDNOTE 2: Turkey, not Syria, is the battleground that matters most,  the place where there suddenly is a clear choice between the forces of good and evil, freedom and fascism. Non-Arab Turkey, like non-Arab Iran, can still be liberated. The Islamists in both countries can be defeated; the Islamist systems, smashed. In contrast, Syria's only hope is political neutralization and division--into coexisting, demilitarized cantons, along essentially ethnic/religious lines--pursuant to a U.S.-Russian agreement that would send Iran and its Lebanese Islamist proxy, Hezbollah, packing, and arrangements for longterm international peacekeepers and supervision. Syria didn't--still does not--have to follow the Libyan script. There is an alternative.

-André Pachter
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