Friday, June 21, 2013

Spain Nabs Syria-Bound Jihadists in N. African Exclave

Suspects With Spanish Passports Tied to Al Qaeda

CEUTA is an 18.5-square-kilometer exclave on Africa's north coast bordering Morocco.

A seven-square-mile Spanish city/exclave is suddenly in the news.

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The Syria conflict increasingly resembles the Carter-Reagen secret war in Afghanistan, the largest-ever covert operation in U.S. history. The United States, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are backing Sunni Islamist terrorists in Syria in order to counter Shiite Islamist Iran and also, apparently, to punish and pressure Putin's post-Soviet/post-Communist Russia.

In other words, the end of the Cold War, the crackup of the Soviet Union and the collapse of world Communism, and … the Islamist mega-attacks of 9/11 … changed nothing. The Obama administration, like the Carter and Reagan administrations before it, and like the Clinton administration, too, which needlessly intervened in the Balkans on the Islamic/Islamist side, is cynically and stupidly dancing with the devil, riding the tiger, whatever, under the twin banners of democracy-promotion and human rights.

Where's the outrage?

The secret war in Afghanistan unleashed the global jihad. The not-so-secret war in Syria is reigniting the global jihad and threatening to engulf the Middle East. Afghanistan led to 9/11. What will Syria lead to--a nuclear 9/11? World war?

Not one U.S. dollar, not a single U.S. bullet or gun should go to any faction of Syria's so-called rebels. They are dominated by--clearly cooperating closely with--an arm of Al Qaeda. The collaboration with car bombers and cannibals is overt. No James Bond or Sherlock Holmes is needed to unearth the sordid secret. The Free Syrian Army and Al Qaeda are for all practical purposes the same entity--a force for Sunni clerical fascism, which is just as evil as Shiite clerical fascism.

Not one American life should ever be risked to install yet another Islamist/Islamic "republic." Wasn't one Benghazi blowback enough for the Obama administration and the senile Senator from Arizona--the moron McCain--who hails the Islamist scum as "freedom fighters?"

Apparently, not.

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