Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time Zone-Synchronized Global TV Network Planned


Dramatic, Cross-Platform Extension of Still-Dominant, Traditional TV 

Foreign Confidential has learned that an international investor group plans to launch an Internet-based, cross-platform, global TV network that will offer time zone-synchronized, day-parted "programming wheels" for most, if not all, of the world's 24 standard time zones.

Informed sources say the project aims to aggregate audiences "for advertisers in the Global era" on a wholly unprecedented scale.

The programming will be available to practically anyone with a broadband mobile device or Wi-Fi-enabled computer, sources say.

A unique, communication feature will add interest and help to create communities, or interest groups, around the programming, the sources add.

Information about the planned network's content or theme is not yet available.

News of the ambitious project comes at a time of accelerating audience fragmentation as social media and mobile devices compete for the attention and time of consumers of entertainment and information.

But traditional TV is far from over, contrary to countless predictions, dating back well over a decade, that the model's days were numbered. Traditional TV--meaning, 24/7 always-on, day-parted and mainly prerecorded programming--remains dominant in the United States and abroad even as streaming and mobile video use grows.

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-André Pachter
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