Saturday, June 08, 2013

Turkey-Egypt Alliance Emerging

Islamist Regimes Collaborating and Conspiring

CLERICAL FASCISTS: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (l.) and Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Erdogan.

Foreign Confidential has learned that the clerical fascist (Islamist) regimes of Turkey and Egypt are cooperating closely to defeat their common enemy--secular Muslims. The two countries' intelligence and police agencies and political information departments are comparing notes and sharing ideas regarding strategies and tactics.

A new anti-Israel initiative is believed to be in the works. The embattled president of Egypt and prime minister of Turkey are likely to attempt a provocative, headline-grabbing stunt--say, a joint visit to Hamas-ruled Gaza--in order to divert attention from their domestic crises. 

Both rightwing regimes are wholeheartedly backed by the overtly pro-Islamist Obama administration. It considers all Islamists all right to engage (collaborate with) except for Al Qaeda. In Libya and Syria, however, even Al Qaeda-linked and -sympathizing Islamists are regarded as acceptable allies.