Monday, June 17, 2013

Turkey Threatens to Call on the Army to Crush Protests

The struggle for secular rights and freedom in Turkey continues.

So the regime is threatening to call on the army to crush the opposition.

This is significant on more than one level. First, it shows that Turkey's prime minister Recep Erdogan is confident the men in uniform--traditional guardians of the nation's secular system--will support the Islamist regime when push comes to shove. The army has been sufficiently purged and Islamized, it seems, for Turkey's new sultan to make such a bold threat.

Or, has it? It's the key question, because there really is no telling what will happen when and if the troops are ordered to gun down their fellow citizens.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration's tacit support for the regime is shameful. Under Obama, the United States is now overtly aligned with rightwing political Islam (Islamism) and the factions of organized Islam that support or sympathize with (and act as propagandists and apologists for) the Islamists, including but not limited to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has seized the levers of power in Egypt, Erdogan and his gang, and the so-called freedom fighters of Libya and Syria.

Germany's chancellor's position on Turkey is only slightly less shameful than the Obama stance. Angela Merkel is "appalled" by Erdogan's brutality; but she stops short of condemning it. She merely urges the Islamist regime--backers of burqas and barbaric sharia--to allow "some space" for secular Turks.

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All of which proves to this reporter that the Islamists/Islamic fanatics have already won their war with the West. 9/11 was a huge success for them. They may have their internal differences, as did the Nazis and the fascists. The Saudi royals, for example, may still be opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood's "Islamic Republic" concept, because it is inherently threatening to the absolute monarchy, but on the whole they have all benefitted from the West's craven response to the Al Qaeda mega-attacks on the U.S. homeland. Instead of uniting--and setting aside differences with Russia and China--in order to utterly defeat Islamism, Washington and its European allies set out to understand and use the clerical fascist creed.

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