Saturday, June 01, 2013

Turkey's Clerical Fascists Arrest Nearly 1,000 Secular Protesters

Rebellion Continues; Crackdown Intensifies

Uprising Rips Mask of 'Moderation' off Face of Islamist Regime Promoted as a Model by the Obama Administration and Advocates of Appeasement 

Obama's entire … utterly failed … foreign policy is backfiring and unraveling. His perfidious alliance with supposed "moderate" Islamism--an obscene oxymoron akin to moderate Nazism or moderate Stalinism--his odious outreach to "the Muslim world" and betrayal and abandonment of allies in order to further the spread of rightwing political Islam and overlapping, organized Islam … the whole, cynical and stupid policy … which his fawning supporters in the Democratic Party and the elite media have supported for a variety of reasons, none of them good or decent … is crashing catastrophically. 

Key Questions:
  • Will the West back secular Turks or their Islamist oppressors?
  • Will Obama of "the Muslim World" comment and again quote "the Holy Koran?" or the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? 
  • Will Obama stay silent on Turkey's jailing of journalists?
  • Will Turkey's army protect the protesters, or has the military been purged and Islamized beyond repair? And, if the army moves against the regime, will the U.S. condemn and threaten the men in uniform--in democracy's name? 
  • Is Turkey's secular system doomed?
  • Will the non-Arab Turkish Spring spread to non-Arab Iran? 
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A Battle for Turkey's Political Soul: Young, Modern, Secular Turks vs Islamism, Barbarism and Burqas