Monday, July 01, 2013

China Accuses Uighurs of Linking With Syrian Islamist Rebels

A significant development.

China says Muslim separatists are linking up with and fighting alongside Syrian Islamists. 

China, like Russia, backs the Syrian regime. More important, both China and Russia accuse the United States of seeking to use Islamism, organized Islam and Islamic/Islamist separatist movements in order to contain--and crack apart--China and Russia. The Tibet strategy applied to restive Muslim areas in China and Russia. 

Every day--some days, it feels like every hour--seems to bring the great powers closer to a new Cold War. Connect the dots … from Clinton to Bush to Obama. The United States foolishly persists in trying to ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten; at the very least, Washington appears to go out of its way to reinforce the worst fears and suspicions of the leaders of post-Soviet/post-Communist Russia and Communist-in-name-only China that nothing of substance has changed over the last two decades.