Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dozens Killed in Cairo Clashes

Mass casualties in clashes between security forces and pro-Morsi Islamist demonstrators.

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The West's embrace of rightwing political Islam, and, more specifically, the Obama administration's abandonment and betrayal of Mubarak and alliance with the MB, are backfiring into rivers of blood. The pro-Islamist foreign policy is an utter disaster. From Libya to Syria, the administration and its European allies have emboldened and encouraged Islamist uprisings under banners of democracy and human rights. The so-called Arab Spring has turned into a never-ending nightmare.

A nightmare with roots. In the 1978 and '79, the Carter administration helped to overthrow Iran's Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, a staunchly pro-Western, modernizing monarch. Carter also launched the secret war in Afghanistan in order to lure the Soviet Union into invading its ally at the time to prevent it from being overrun by Islamist warlords and fanatics--a covert operation that the Reagan administration expanded mightily in the interest of bleeding Moscow until its entire empire collapsed. Afghanistan unleashed the global jihad, which blew back in America's face most horrifically nearly a dozen years ago, on the day that will forever be remembered as 9/11.

The lunacy of backing Islamism after all that has happened boggles the mind. The logic of siding with Sunni clerical fascism in order to counter Shiite clerical fascism--i.e. Iran and Hezbollah--defies reason. Islamists may have their theological differences, just as Nazis in Germany had their internal ideological differences--until Hitler settled the matter with a bloody purge. But all Islamists share a common goal--the destruction of Western democracy and civilization. Ordinary folks understand this; tragically, however, the elites running things have different ideas. They cling to the notion of "moderate" Islamism.

Afghanistan led to 9/11. God only knows where the Arab Spring will lead.