Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Morsi Defiant; Military Vows to Defend People Against Terror

High Noon in Cairo; Egypt on Edge

US, Europeans "Confused" by Fall of Muslim Brotherhood

The Egyptian army is doing what the Turkish army should have done--intervene to defend the people against an Islamist regime.

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The Muslim Brotherhood is finished. It will never recover from the current crisis--the greatest blow that Islamism has experienced since it began its seemingly unstoppable ascent in 1979 with the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which was shamefully aided by the catastrophic Carter administration.

Similarly, the Obama administration emboldened the MB to take power in Egypt. The administration overtly aligned the United States with the fountainhead of Islamic clerical fascism, the wellspring of terror that spawned Al Qaeda.

The downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood should expose and put an end to the administration's perfidious policy.

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