Friday, July 05, 2013

Turkey's Erdogan Seeks 'Legal Reform' to Clearly Outlaw Coups

Islamist PM, Terrified by Recent Events, Aims to Amend Article 35

BROTHERS IN POLITICAL ISLAM: Egypt's Morsi and Turkey's Erdogan in happier times.

The Islamist regime, perhaps with the support of the Obama administration, wants to change Turkey's internal laws to remove any legal justification for a military coup.

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Turkey's military is the traditional guardian of the country's secular system; and there is clear legal basis, Article 35 of the internal laws, for armed intervention to save the republic from Islamic clerical fascists.

The army has been blocked, purged, Islamized. Will it act in the interest of modern, progressive people or allow the forces of obscurantism and barbarism to complete their conquest? And it the army indeed acts to save the Turkish republic, how will the Obama administration react? Will it double down in its disgraceful defense of Islamism?

Key questions, the answers to which, we should soon know.