Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Turkish Deputy PM Blames Protests on Jewish Conspiracy

Obama's 'Moderate' Islamist Regime Resorts to Nazi-Like Messaging

You just knew this was coming: Turkey's so-called moderate Islamist regime is blaming an international Jewish-media conspiracy for the country's secular uprising. Supposed Diaspora Jewish-controlled media organizations instigated the protests, alleges the deputy PM, flunky of Turkey's wannabe new sultan Recep Erdogan, whom President Obama hails as both a "friend" and a "partner" and  a model for "the Muslim world."

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"Jewish control" of media is of course a myth--and a hoary Nazi canard. Moreover, liberal U.S media outlets, in thrall to the Obama party line, ignored or downplayed the anti-Erdogan protests. NBC was a prime example; the network that celebrated the "Arab Spring" practically spiked the "Turkish Spring." Fox covered the story; last time this reporter checked, however, its chairman and CEO and controlling person was Rupert Murdoch--not a Jew.