Saturday, August 03, 2013

Al Qaeda Remains a Serious Threat Nearly 12 Years After 9/11

Click here to read the text of the U.S. State Department travel alert.

Next month will mark the 12th anniversary of the Islamist sneak attack on American soil that will forever be remembered as 9/11. That the organization that was responsible for the attack, in which some 3,000 innocent Americans were slaughtered, remains a threat is … inexcusable. That Al Qaeda's ally, the Taliban, are poised to reconquer Afghanistan is also inexcusable.

Pursuant to a formal declaration of war by the United States Congress, Al Qaeda and the Taliban should have been … obliterated … by any and all means necessary … within days of the mega-terrorist strike. The overwhelming majority of the American people … and much of the world's population … expected … and would have applauded … swift, merciless retaliatory strikes that would have (a) ended the Islamist threat and (b) served as an example for generations to come as to the fate that lies in store for those who dare to attack the United States.

The Bush-Cheney "War on Terror" was incredibly idiotic and self-destructive. The Republican regime ruined the United States (and their party) and discredited the war on radical Islam that they stupidly misnamed and never really fought.

The failures … and lies … of Bush-Cheney led to the rise of the Anti-Bush--Barack Hussein Obama, whose outreach to what he insists on calling "the Muslim world" has plunged the Middle East into a  seemingly endless nightmare and created new Islamist regimes and opportunities for conquest whilst allowing Iran to come closer than ever to acquiring atomic arms … and poisoning relations with Russia and China, which understandably suspect Obama of seeking to use Islamism/organized Islam as a sword for carving up Washington's former Cold War adversaries. Under cover of drone strikes and the killing of Bin Laden, Obama has clearly pursued a pro-Islamist foreign policy. Under the banners of human rights and democracy, he has allied the U.S. with the Muslim Brotherhood--fountainhead of Islamic clerical fascism--and indirectly armed Al Qaeda affiliates and sympathizers.

So it goes in August 2013.

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