Monday, August 05, 2013

Assad Sticks to His Guns, Vows to Crush Terrorism

Syrian Dictator Determined to Win War 

It seems that predictions of Assad's downfall were premature. The Syrian dictator is unbowed and determined to win the war against Western-, Turkish- and Gulf State-supported Sunni Islamists, including Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

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Unfortunately, Assad is himself backed by Islamists--of the Shiite persuasion. The new Nazi Germany--nuclear/missile-mad, non-Arab, Islamist Iran--and its Hitlerian Arab proxy, Hezbollah--are Assad's allies.

In short, there are no good guys in the conflict. It's car bombers and cannibals against a ruthless, secular despot and the forces of Iran's atomic ayatollah … with Russia on the Iranian/Syrian side, because Moscow fears the spread of Sunni Islamism in its own territories.

All of which adds up to a Cold War-like nightmare from which nothing good can possibly come.