Saturday, August 17, 2013

Germany's Foreign Minister Says Civil War Possible in Egypt

But Call for Negotiations Likely to Embolden Islamists 

Germany's foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, agrees with Foreign Confidential that the Islamist insurrection in Egypt could turn into a civil war. 

By pressuring Egypt's interim government to negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, however, the German foreign minister is effectively emboldening them to continue their violent struggle.

Foreign Confidential predicted this, too--the ways in which Western governments, including the United States, would foolishly try to save the Islamists from defeat.

Tragically, Washington and its European allies still cling to the hoary strategy of trying to manipulate rightwing political Islam (Islamism) and overlapping organized Islam, believing, even 12 years after the horrific blowback of 9/11, that it is possible to ride the clerical fascist tiger without being eaten.

What if Hitler Had Been Ousted?

The foreign minister of Germany should be reminded that had his country's military removed Adolf Hitler--whose Nazi movement inspired the Muslim Brotherhood's formation in the 1920s--after he came to power through parliamentary means, backed by street battles, terrorism and thuggery, there would have been no Holocaust, no Second World War. Perhaps 80 million lives (the exact number of people killed in the deadliest-ever conflict is unknown) would have been saved.