Friday, August 02, 2013

Iran, Hezbollah Leaders Call for Israel's Annihilation Amid US Travel Alert Over Al Qaeda Terrorist Threat, Embassy Closures

The new president of the new Nazi Germany--nuclear arming. Islamist Iran--and the leader of its Lebanese terrorist proxy, Hitlerian Hezbollah, are making their intentions clear.

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The genocidal rants coincide with a global travel warning to U.S. citizens by the State Department over an Al Qaeda terrorist threat, as U.S. embassies in predominantly Muslim countries prepared to close.

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Endnote: How far the termites have spread…. Both Fox News and the AP have taken to referring to "the Muslim world," as shown by the travel warning article. The odious term, which President Obama popularized--and elevated--is itself a concession to Islamist ideology, which posits the existence of a global Muslim nation that transcends all political, theological, national and ethnic differences.