Thursday, August 15, 2013

Islamist Revolt Intensifies; Army Still Supported by Secular Egyptians Despite Mounting Casualties from Violent Clashes

Egypt appears to be at the brink of a civil war, as the Muslim Brotherhood refuses to back down.

Islamists are storming buildings; despite the mounting death toll, secular Egyptians seemingly still support the country's military, seeing it as the only force capable of reversing the Islamist tide that threatens to turn Egypt into another Iran.

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Comment: Had Iran's military crushed the Islamists when it was possible to do so, the country and the world would have been spared the never-ending nightmare of a monstrous mullahocracy bent on developing nuclear weapons and ICBMs. Had Germany's military removed Hitler--whose Nazi movement inspired the Muslim Brotherhood's formation in the late 1920s--after he came to power through parliamentary means backed by street battles and thuggery, there would have been no Holocaust, no Second World War. Egypt's military is doing what it must to save the country from Islamist hell; one hopes Turkey's military, traditional guardian of its secular system, will also act, if and when the need arises.

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