Saturday, August 17, 2013

US Desperately Tried to Save Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Eleventh hour attempts by the Obama administration and its Republican supporters to save the Islamist cause in Egypt failed miserably.

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In related news, Egypt's interim government, which is overwhelmingly supported by the Egyptian people, is considering legal prohibition of the Muslim Brotherhood. Click here for the story.

Banning the MB is a most positive, long overdue development. As the fountainhead of Islamic extremism and clerical fascism, the MB spawned Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The MB's fascist roots should be recalled. In order to support Nazi Germany during World War II, the MB organized an intelligence agency and a terrorist group, called the Secret Apparatus. The Secret Apparatus was never really dismantled; in fact, it tried to assassinate Egypt's iconic president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, and has been tied to the assassination of the country's pro-Western, peacemaking president, Anwar Sadat.

Foreign Confidential intelligence experts say the Secret Apparatus is leading the Islamist insurrection that today threatens to plunge Egypt into an abyss of anarchy and endless chaos.