Thursday, August 15, 2013

Washington Free Beacon: US Losing Egypt

WFB Reporting Confirms Foreign Confidential Analysis

The Obama administration's pro-Islamist policy is driving secular Egyptians and the military they support away from the United States and into the waiting arms of Russia and China.

Making matters worse, the failed foreign policy is bipartisan. The GOP's John McCain is clearly pro-Islamist. His only criticism of Obama (with regard to both Egypt and Syria) is that the President has not done enough to support the supposedly moderate Muslim Brotherhood.

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Click here to read an update on "Egypt's Streets of Blood;" here, to read a July 1 Foreign Confidential analysis  of the turmoil in Egypt. FC predicted the inevitable bloodbath and anti-American backlash.

DEBKAfile reports the Egypt-U.S. rift is widening and affecting relations with Saudi Arabia, which is supporting the Egyptian military. 

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