Sunday, September 01, 2013

Egypt Urges EU to Condemn Terrorism

Cairo's Ambassador to Rome Says European Hesitation Harmful

Ambassador Amr Helmy
Egypt's State Information Service (SIS) reported September 1 that the country's ambassador to Italy, Amr Helmy, met the director general of the Italian Foreign Ministry's Political and Security Affairs Department.

According to the SIS press release, "Helmy confirmed the importance Egypt's attaches to an Italian stance supporting the Egyptian revolution and democratic process."

The communiqué further states that Egypt's envoy "asked the European countries to condemn violence and terrorism plaguing Egypt, noting that European hesitation in taking obvious stances may negatively affect the efforts made to achieve national reconciliation."

An Outspoken, Effective Envoy

Helmy, who previously served as ambassador to Ireland, has been an outspoken and effective advocate for Egypt's interim government. In early July he told an interviewer for ANSAMed: ''What is happening in these weeks in Egypt is not a military coup but the direct consequence of what was demanded by about 30 million Egyptians who took to the streets on June 30, the date of [Egyptian president Mohammed] Morsi's ouster. The West and Western media insist on seeing only two players involved--the military on one side and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other--and ignore the third variable, the people. Of course, overseas as well as in Europe no one was expecting it, and now no one knows how to interpret it.''

Helmy said the Egyptian people ''rebelled after a year of bad government, the attempt to eliminate the freedom and rights of women, Copts, and moderate Muslims: the attempt to destroy the country's cultural identity."