Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fascist Terrorism and Austerity Destroying Greek Democracy

Elite Military Unit Reservists Call for Coup

SWASTIKA-LIKE symbol of the  Golden Dawn party


The situation in Greece worsens daily.

The country has been ravaged by austerity--savage spending cuts that amount to class warfare and threaten the very fabric of society. 

A rightwing military coup is not only possible but increasingly likely. 

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It's an open secret that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party was built up by powerful military, industrial and financial interests. The police are generally pro-fascist. Golden Dawn paramilitary units were trained by the police. 

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The World Jewish Congress reports: "Parties with neo-Nazi leanings have seen a significant resurgence, particulary in Greece and Hungary where, respectively, Golden Dawn and Jobbik have either achieved double figures in elections or are polling at such levels in opinion surveys. Both have seen their support rise dramatically from small beginnings. "

NEO-NAZI denial of pro-Nazi wartime history resonates in Hungary, Slovakia and Latvia.