Friday, September 13, 2013

How to Reset US-Russia Relations: Jointly Bomb Syrian Rebels

How about this for a reset?

  • The United States and Russia peacefully resolve the Syrian chemical crisis, Russia delivers an Iran-Hezbollah withdrawal from Syria, and the U.S. and Russia revive their old wartime alliance--which defeated Nazi Germany in a third of the time that the U.S. has been battling Al Qaeda--to jointly bomb the hell out of the Islamist maniacs who have turned Russia's Arab ally and Israel's northern neighbor into a country-sized killing field.
  • Privately, the U.S. and Russia apologize to each other--the U.S. for supporting and instigating a menacing Sunni Islamist insurrection in Russia's backyard, Russia for supporting Shiite Islamist Iran and its Hitlerian proxy, Hezbollah.  

The American people are understandably against intervening in Syria's civil war--on the side of Al Qaeda, which Washington is indirectly arming under "humanitarian" cover, and the Muslim Brotherhood, with which the Obama administration has closely collaborated. But using aerial power--no ground troops--to mercilessly eradicate the jihadists who have emerged like zombies from beneath the Syrian soil (apparently, they were always lying there, just below the surface, waiting for their moment to strike)  and the foreign jihadists who have hungrily descended on Syria like cannibals determined to devour "the heartbeat of the Arab world" …  millions of Americans could support that proposition.

Twelve years after 9/11, the U.S. should have already annihilated--and not be aligning with--"Al Qaeda-linked" groups.

More than 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. should be closely cooperating and not ratcheting up tensions with a former Cold War adversary that the U.S. no longer needs to contain and certainly should no longer try to crack apart for any reason--let alone, in order to create more Islamist hells on earth in democracy's name.

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