Sunday, September 15, 2013

Italian Journalist Describes Torture by McCain's Syrian Allies

Domenico Quirico's Ordeal in Syria

"I was a hostage in Syria, betrayed by a revolution that had lost its way and become the property of fanatics and bandits. In this place, when the hostage weeps, everyone laughs at the spectacle of his pain and sees it as a sign of weakness. Syria has become the Country of Evil, the land where evil triumphs and thrives like grapes on the vine under a Middle Eastern sun, and where evil displays all its aspects: greed, hatred, fanaticism, the absence of mercy; where even children and the old rejoice in their malevolence. My captors prayed to their God standing next to me, the suffering prisoner. They prayed content, without remorse and attentive to their rituals. What were they saying to their God?"

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In related news, the secular Syrian army advanced against Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood (a/k/a "the rebels). Click here for the story.

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