Thursday, September 12, 2013

Most Popular Syrian Rebel is Infamous Cannibal

REBEL ATROCITY: Syrian cannibal Abu Sakkar in action.

Analysts say Abu Sakkar, a founder of the Farouq Brigades, has emerged as the most popular  commander among anti-regime fighters, including thousands of Al Qaeda-linked foreign jihadists. His appearance at the scene of a battle typically electrifies rebels seeking the overthrow of Syria's secular regime in order to establish an Islamic state in a country historically known as "the heartbeat of the Arab world."

Given a chance, Sakkar will devour Syria's heart--for lunch.

Sakkar achieved international notoriety when video emerged of him eating part of a dead Syrian soldier.

Atrocity Video Released on the Internet

“I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog,” Sakkar said in the footage released on the Internet. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Men like Sakkar hate and routinely abuse dogs and other animals, even though the average dog's life is far more precious and worthy of respect than any Islamist's life.]

Originating in Homs, the Farouq Brigades have formed units across Syria, from Daraa in the south near the Jordanian border to the northern region bordering Turkey. They are said to comprise a force of about 20,000 fighters.

The brigades take the name Farouq from Omar bin al-Khatab, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, political architect of the caliphate and, historically, the second Caliph.

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ENDNOTE: The rebel forces are dominated by Islamists, including Al Qaeda, contrary to claims made by Obama administration officials and Islamist-sympathizing Western media outlets.

The black flag of Al Qaeda already flies over large portions of Syria, where barbaric Islamic law is being applied. Beheadings of non-Sunni Muslims and Christians have become commonplace, along with car bombings, kidnappings, and crucifixions.

The insurrection in Syria was instigated by the Obama administration under cover of support for the so-called Arab Spring, an Islamist revolt aimed at replacing the region's secular regimes with clerical fascist Islamocracies.

Whereas the administration previously shunned Al Qaeda and its affiliated and associated groups--conducting its pro-Islamist policy under political cover provided by drone attacks on Al Qaeda commanders and the killing of Osama Bin Laden--the intervention in Libya and meddling in Syria witnessed a new stage in the perfidious alignment. Al Qaeda-linked groups are now supported and indirectly armed by the administration.

Twelve years after 9/11, the United States is squarely on the Islamist side--and apparently prepared to start a new Middle East war in order to create yet another Islamist regime.