Monday, September 30, 2013

Pro-Appeasement Camp Pushing for Grand Bargain With Iran

'Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy Could be Spreading Sunni Islamism and Allowing Shiite Islamist Iran to Become a Nuclear-Ready State'

Having failed early in his first term of office to strike a Grand Bargain with Iran's Shiite Islamist rulers, President Obama will give it another go, this time after having aligned the United States with Egypt's Sunni Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey's Sunni Islamist regime, albeit with decidedly mixed results. The U.S.-NATO-backed Islamist insurrection in Libya was a success, according to the administration, notwithstanding the slaughter in Benghazi of a U.S. ambassador and four other U.S. citizens by unleashed Islamists. But the administration-aided Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt was upended by the country's military; and Turkey's efforts to restore the Ottoman Empire have faltered badly.

Barring some dramatic policy and strategy shifts, it seems increasingly likely that Obama's foreign policy legacy will be managing (a) to overtly side with and further the spread of Sunni rightwing political Islam under the twin banners of democracy promotion and humanitarian intervention and the political cover provided by the commando raid killing of Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden and the deadly drone strikes on select Al Qaeda commanders (and assorted civilians who get in the way of the flying killer robots) while (b) allowing Shiite Islamist Iran to become either a nuclear weapons state or a nuclear weapons threshold state.

Talk about outreach to "the Muslim world!" Obama's bridging of Islam's great theological divide in the interest of containing, if not cracking apart, Russia and China and imposing a settlement of the Israel-Palestinian conflict could be truly historic--and downright catastrophic. Obama's accomplishments in this regard threaten to outdo Jimmy Carter's craven complicity in the Islamist-led ouster of Iran's pro-Western Shah and Ronald Reagan's escalation of Carter's covert intervention in Afghanistan--on the side of Islamist warlords and drug dealers--into America's largest-ever secret operation, one that ultimately blew back most horrifically on 9/11.

The Obama administration's admittedly clever but appallingly deceptive narrowing of the definition of the terrorist/Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda's core created a policy framework for appeasing and engaging (collaborating with) practically every Islamist/Islamic group and regime on earth, including, even, the "Al Qaeda-linked" groups that dominate the Western-supported, so-called Syrian rebels seeking to replace the secular, Iran-backed dictatorship in Damascus with a Sunni Islamic dictatorship. The administration's indirect arming of the jihadist car bombers, kidnappers and cannibals (really) responsible for at least half the estimated 100,000 deaths caused by Syria's civil war defies all logic and reason and essentially insults the memory of every American life lost in the Islamist mega-terrorist attacks that have yet to be effectively answered and properly avenged despite the ruinous, unnecessary intervention in Iraq.

So it goes in the autumn of 2013. At the rate "the termites have spread," as the late Christopher Hitchens used to say, it is only a matter of time, a few years at most, before advocates of appeasing  "fascism with an Islamic face" start calling for negotiations with Al Qaeda's leadership.

-André Pachter
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