Sunday, September 08, 2013

'Rabble' Recalls Twitter's Activist Past

A founder of incredibly successful Twitter recalls its past as a protest tool and explains how an activist heritage continues to shape the social media service.

Most fascinating: the notion that Twitter could have developed differently--more like email--if not for investors insisting on maintenance of an "encapsulated world," like Facebook. A cross-platform Twitter was actually developed--and abandoned.

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Communicating without walls or borders is clearly the wave of the future as media converge. Live Tweeting while watching over-the-air network TV shows is just the beginning. The TV set is becoming an increasingly intelligent--and interconnected--device, just as the cellular phone reinvented as an always-on-and-accessible "mobile device" is way more than a wireless, portable, personal telephone.

To say the media landscape is changing, radically, is an understatement. The landscape is transforming, already barely recognizable compared to just a few years ago; and the transformation is in turn changing the world.

From a Foreign Confidential perspective, a question cries out for answering: What role can diplomacy play in this new world? Can diplomacy be revived in line with its highest purpose--preserving the peace--in a world of 24/7, instant communication?