Monday, September 30, 2013

Rightwing Republicans' Real Aim Revealed: Zero Federal Cash

Tea Party Plot Recalls 1933 Fascist Coup Conspiracy

FASCIST groups such as the Silver Legion were powerful in Depression-era America. 

The whole world is watching….

Regardless of what happens in Washington tonight and tomorrow, the real deadline is October 17.  Rightwing Republicans led by the loathsome demagogue Ted Cruz--that is, radicals rallying under the banner of the faux-populist Tea Party--plan to deal a death blow to the federal government by denying it the cash to meet its obligations, including Social Security payments, for the first time in American history.

The Cruz Conspiracy recalls events of 80 years ago when pro-Nazi bankers and industrialists conspired to seize control of the federal government during the Great Depression. Click below to watch a riveting BBC documentary, "The White House Coup."

UPDATE: Rightwing US Christian TV Host Calls on God for Military Coup to Remove Obama Presidency  -- Seventeen Days in October?