Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sheriff Obama's Shoot-to-Wound War Plan

Being a Fictional Tale of America's Wild West Inspired by Real-Life Events Taking Place in Today's Middle East

Imagine this.

The elected sheriff of an established, large town in the Old West is angered, horrified and disgusted by reports emanating from a distant, small town in a remote part of the territory that has yet to become a state. It seems that the self-appointed, brutal, corrupt sheriff of the faraway settlement has taken to murdering and torturing innocent people whom he accuses of aiding or being sympathetic to a bloodthirsty gang of bandits and rustlers who are trying to take over the town by shooting, lynching, maiming and whipping the sheriff's friends and supporters and anyone else who stands in their way.

The Good Sheriff has written and delivered many powerful and fine speeches condemning the Bad Sheriff. The Good Sheriff has also written to the territorial governor asking him to take action against the Bad Sheriff, and has sent telegrams to the Bad Sheriff demanding that he stop slaughtering innocent people and allow the citizens of his town to freely elect a new (and presumably good) sheriff. But the Good Sheriff's words have fallen on deaf ears; his pleas for intervention and his telegrams have all been ignored.

Determined to stop the Bad Sheriff from killing more innocent people, and fearing that inaction will condemn the West to decades of lawlessness that could ultimately threaten his town, the Good Sheriff tells the local newspaper that he intends to organize and lead a posse to punish the Bad Sheriff and his deputies for their evil deeds. The Good Sheriff says his men will not try to arrest or kill the Bad Sheriff because removing him from office could result in the outlaws running the remote town.

The Good Sheriff explains that his men will have orders to kill only a few of the Bad Sheriff's men and, if necessary, to shoot to wound the Bad Sheriff.

The Good Sheriff asks the Town Council for permission to implement his plan and is puzzled and disappointed when many Council members--and most of the townspeople--strongly object to it.

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