Saturday, September 07, 2013

Syria Intervention Crisis Driving Oil Prices Even Higher

SYRIA'S REBELS: Instead of attacking them with drones, Obama has indirectly armed AQ.

Syria "tensions"--media code for the international crisis triggered by the Obama administration's determination to attack Syria in order to install a Sunni Islamist regime in Russia's backyard--are driving oil prices higher, threatening the global economy and bringing more suffering to ordinary people the world over, including Americans struggling and impoverished by the crisis that Obama was elected to end in the first place but has tellingly deemphasized. His great passion has been foreign policy--specifically, supporting Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey's neo-Ottoman Islamist regime without overly upsetting Saudi Arabia, which fears the MB's Islamic republic concept and thus prefers to back Al Qaeda-linked "Salafists" and other Islamist groups, including Chechen terrorists.

Russia rightly hates and fears Obama's policy; but Russia also benefits from it, ironically, at least in the short run, because Russia, as the planet's largest oil producer, is a major exporter of the energy source on which the world runs and will continue to run for at least the next two decades. Higher tensions mean higher oil prices.

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