Monday, September 02, 2013

Syria's Deputy FM Strikes Diplomatic Tone on Obama Decision

"When an aggression takes place against Syria, we should not ask whether a weak president or a strong president has made the decision. It is purely an aggressive act. It is a violation of the United Nations, disrespect of international norms and the only party--I assure you, the only party--which will benefit from such an action is al Qaeda." 
-Faisal Mekdad, Deputy Foreign Minister Of Syria, Interviewed by CBS News on Sept. 2, 2013

SPOKESMAN Faisal Mekdad

Rejecting accusations of chemical weapons use, Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister was calm and diplomatic--almost patronizing--in his comments to CBS News regarding President Obama's decision to seek Congressional approval of an aerial attack on Syrian military targets.

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Mekdad's father, who is said to be in his 80s, was kidnapped from his village of Ghossom by rebel forces on May 18, 2013.