Saturday, September 07, 2013

White House Goes All Out for Syria Attack

AMERICA'S ALLY? An Al Qaeda terrorist in war-torn Syria.

Twelve years after 9/11, the United States is indirectly arming Al Qaeda and going "all out" for attacking Syria in order to replace a secular dictatorship that is backed by Shiite Islamist Iran and its terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, with a Sunni Islamist dictatorship.

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The proposed aerial assaults have no humanitarian purpose and nothing to do with promoting democracy--as if democracy promotion would justify unilateral strikes on a country that has neither attacked nor mobilized to attack the U.S. Rather, the U.S. objective is to replace the Syrian regime with an Islamist "republic" in line with a foreign policy centered around alignment with "the Muslim world"--code for rightwing political Islam, meaning, mainly, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The unexpected ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt, which followed the Obama administration-assisted ouster of Egypt's secular, pro-Western president, was a big setback for the administration. Attacking Syria is in part an effort to make up for the loss.

Concerned that Russia could be invited back into Egypt, the administration aims to menace Moscow from Damascus. Russia's restive Sunni Muslims, including terrorists controlled by Saudi Arabia, will be emboldened if Islamists take over Syria, which is driving distance from Russia.

China's restive Muslims, including Al Qaeda-linked groups and organizations backed by Washington, will also be emboldened if Syria becomes an Islamocracy. This, in addition to the huge jump in oil prices that is certain to follow a regional Middle East conflict that is almost certain to result from U.S. intervention in Syria, explains China's support for the Syrian regime.

The planned attack war is also about Iran, of course. Having appeased and failed to engage (collaborate with) the monstrous mullahocracy, Obama hopes to counter its atomic advance and spreading influence by somehow expelling it from Syria without sparking war with Tehran.

-André Pachter
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