Monday, October 07, 2013

Austerity-Ruined Greece Seeks Reparations from Germany

Germany Squeezes Greece, Ignoring Nazi Crimes

DISTOMO MASSACRE: Nazi Germany's Waffen-SS troops pose for photo in Greek village. 

In June 1944, Nazi Germany forces attacked the Greek village of Distomo. The Naziz killed 218 people in a massacre described by a German Federal Court judge as "one of the most despicable crimes of World War II."

Women were raped. Those who were pregnant were stabbed. Babies were bayoneted in their cribs. The village priest was beheaded.

Germany has never compensated Greece for wartime crimes.

Contrary to popular belief, relatively few German Nazis were punished after the war. Hundreds of war
criminals prospered in postwar Germany. Others escaped via "rat lines" to South America. Many war criminals and collaborators were smuggled into the United States--by agencies of the U.S. government--in a clandestine Cold War operation.