Thursday, October 03, 2013

From Seven Days in May to 17 Days in October?

Three days into the unconscionable rightwing Republican shutdown of the U.S. Government, one day after a Christian TV host called for a military coup, 14 days before a potentially catastrophic credit default by the Government….

  • An unarmed woman with an alleged history of "mental issues" triggers a lockdown emergency at the Capitol and is … shot to death … by police who are not being paid and don't know when and if they will be paid … after a chaotic chase from the White House … in the wake of a mass shooting massacre at the Washington Navy Yard.
  • A fascist bastard Texas Congressman berates a (female) U.S. Park Service ranger.
  • Republican U.S. Senators from Kentucky are caught on camera discussing Republican messaging disinformation. 

Regarding all of the above and the cruel and … exceptionally American … government shutdown, which seems to have been engineered to last at least another two weeks,  this reporter recalls the following:

  1. President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated a half-centry ago, believed that the fictional plot described in the thriller Seven Days in May was plausible. Given the extremely troubling  circumstances of the assassination on November 22, 1963, he probably was the victim of some sort of coup. 
  2. Three decades before Kennedy's assassination, a group of rightwing industrialists and bankers conspired to replace the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt with a fascist regime. Click here to read about the Business Plot. 

In view of the above-referenced sordid history, this reporter (who was a 13-year-old high school freshman when Kennedy was killed) can't help but wonder if another coup plot is in the works. Really.

Operation Northwoods document
Consider the scenario: a manufactured government shutdown leads to a credit default triggering a catastrophic financial crisis that plunges the country into a new depression. The results of the economic collapse include crushing the poor; permanent pauperization of the middle class; mass starvation; utter chaos and urban riots. Add a few false flag terrorist attacks for good measure, and the stage is set for armed intervention by rightwing Evangelical Christian military units, removal of the President, imposition of martial law, secret prisons and concentration camps, etc.

Stranger things have happened. To trust in supposed American exceptional-ism, to believe that America is immune to the fascist disease, that "It" ... what happened in Germany and Greece and Chile ... can't happen here … is dangerously stupid.

Something big is clearly happening. An unprecedented upward transfer of wealth, a movement to roll back more than a century of social advancements and worker gains--this much is obvious. But the signposts of something even more sinister are perhaps hidden in plain sight.

Time to pay attention, people.