Friday, October 18, 2013

Nearly 30 Million in Slavery Worldwide

The Feminist Majority Foundation reports:

The Walk Free Foundation, an Australian-based organization, released its first Global Slavery Index Report Wednesday estimating 29.8 million people live in various forms of modern slavery worldwide. 
Ten countries account for 76 percent of the total number of slaves. India has the most slaves in total - some 14 million people - nearly half of the world's slavery population. China and Pakistan have the second and third largest enslaved populations. Mauritania has the highest number of slaves per capita. Slaves in Mauritania are treated as property inherited by previous generations, "masters who exercise total ownership over them and their descendants," according to the report.
Although the greatest numbers of slaves are found in Asia and Africa, modern slavery - defined as forced labor, human trafficking, and treatment of individuals as property to be bought, sold, or destroyed - exists on every continent. The United States, for example, has an estimated 57,000-63,000 enslaved people.

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