Thursday, October 03, 2013

Rebels Massacre, Torture and Rape Syrian Alawites

Obama and Pro-Islamist Interventionist Zealot Samantha Power Silent on Nazi-Like Atrocities Committed by Al Qaeda-Linked Syrian Rebels Financed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Indirectly Armed by the United States 

PRO-WAR John McCain poses with so-called Syrian freedom fighters--jihadist terrorists. 

The Guardian reports on a recent massacre of Syrian Alawites by rebels hailed as "freedom fighters" by U.S. Senator John McCain:

Shadi, a 32-year-old officer in a local defence unit that is separate from the Syrian army, was lightly wounded during the government's counter-attack. "When we got into the village of Balouta I saw a baby's head hanging from a tree. There was a woman's body which had been sliced in half from head to toe and each half was hanging from separate apple trees. It made me feel I wanted to do something wild," he recalled.
Ali, a member of the regular army, said he also saw the baby's head. "We found two mass graves with 140 bodies. They were not shot. They had their throats slit. About 105 people of different ages were kidnapped," he said. "It's really scary what happened. Nobody has gone home to the villages because so much has been destroyed and many houses have been burnt. The whole area is unusable. Salafists from abroad were behind the attack."

Gruesome reports are emerging … the results of America's jihad in Syria.

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In related news, UPI's Editor at Large Arnaud de Borchgrave, one of the best informed journalists ever to cover the Middle East, provides the following update on the alleged chemical attack that provided the Obama administration with a pretext for preparing supposed surgical strikes on the Syrian regime:

What is becoming increasingly clear is that Assad wasn't behind the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack in an eastern suburb of Damascus. The evidence gathered by U.N. inspectors may lead to pro-al-Qaida operatives in the resistance movement.

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