Saturday, October 05, 2013

Saudi Arabia Responsible for Syria Sarin Attack: VOR

Russia Says Saudi Black Ops Team Carried Out False Flag Attack 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The story follows credible reporting that Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief and former ambassador to the United States threatened Russia's president Vladimir Putin with Islamist attacks on the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, boasting to Putin that Saudi Arabia controlled Chechen Islamist separatists. Proof of official involvement by Saudi Arabia in the chemical attack used as a pretext for threatened attacks on Syria would almost certainly refocus attention on suppressed evidence of Saudi royal family complicity in 9/11. WhoWhatWhy reports:

The most important Mideast nation so far untouched by the dislocations of the Arab Spring is Saudi Arabia, the single largest supplier of petroleum to the western world. If major players in that country’s ruling family are shown to have had a hand in the 9/11 attacks, it would be the equivalent of a geopolitical tsunami—upsetting powerful elites around the world. Is it any wonder that efforts have been made to prevent a no-holds-barred investigation of this connection? And isn’t it time …  to end this coverup — in the name of the common good?