Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Emboldened Iran Threatens to Kill Interim Nuclear Deal

Iran's emboldened Islamist regime is threatening to scrap the interim nuclear deal if the U.S. Congress passes additional sanctions on Iran, even if the measures are contingent upon a failure to reach a final status agreement on the menacing Iranian nuclear program. Click here for the story.

The clerical fascist regime feels firmly in control of the levers of power in Iran and confident of striking a deal that will allow it to covertly amass an arsenal of advanced radiological bombs and warheads, if not full-fledged nuclear weapons, while continuing to develop long-range missiles, including ICBMs. Hence, the regime's willingness to engage in face-to-face talks with "the Great Satan."

Iran's intentions have not changed. The monstrous mullahocracy is determined to overturn the status quo. More specifically, Iran intends to dominate the Middle East, destroy Israel and drive the United States from the region. Regime pragmatists--so-called moderates--are of the view that the road to Jerusalem runs through Washington, meaning, a Grand Bargain with the Great Satan is the best way to isolate and ultimately eradicate "the Little Satan." Why confront the U.S. in order to expel it from the Middle East, the pragmatists reason, when an alliance with Washington--for pacification of Afghanistan and Pakistan, ending the Syrian conflict, and maintaining order in Lebanon--will provide Iran's former adversary with the political cover it needs to reduce its involvement in the region in ways that will weaken and further isolate Israel, setting the stage for its ultimate defeat and dismantlement?