Saturday, December 14, 2013

John McCain Meets WIth Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Leader

U.S. Senator John McCain

The aging United States Senator and failed Republican Presidential candidate met with opposition leaders in Ukraine, including the leader of a rising neo-Nazi party.

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AndrĂ© Pachter observes: It seems that the intrepid (but increasingly idiotic and irrelevant) John McCain has never met a fascist, secular or clerical, he didn't like. His embrace of every Ukrainian opposition leader, including, even, admirers of mass-murdering World War II Nazi collaborators, is of a piece with his well publicized encounters with Al Qaeda-linked Islamist terrorists in Syria and Libya--killers, car bombers,  kidnappers and cannibals--hailed as "freedom fighters" and "rebels" by McCain and other gullible or knowingly complicit Westerners.