Friday, December 13, 2013

Prediction: N. Korea Will Test Nuke and Rocket to Test US, S. Korea

N. Korean dictator posing with attack map showing San Diego, CA.
With the show trial and execution of its No. 2 behind it, and a purge of his supporters underway, North Korea will move ahead rapidly to test another nuclear device and one or more long-range rockets.

Also likely: a limited North Korean attack on South Korean forces, or the downing of a South Korean aircraft, or sinking of a South Korean ship.

One or more North Korean provocations could occur before the end of the year, as the country's young dictator, Kim Jung Un, is bent on demonstrating his ruthlessness and resolve--and determination to continue developing nuclear weapons and ICBMs.

Will Iranian observers attend the next North Korean nuclear test, given that Iranians have been present at every North Korean nuclear test and long-range missile launch?

Maybe. The Iranians, who have brazenly subsidized Pyongyang's nuclear and missile crimes, are playing for time. Now would not be an opportune time for a reminder of their illicit partnership with a rogue regime that has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons to destroy South Korea, Japan--and the United States. [That Iran's North Korea nuclear ties have not been an issue, based on what we know of the Iran-US negotiations, boggles the mind. This, and the fact that Iran continues to develop ICBMs--for what purpose?--and could have already amassed hundreds of dirty bombs in line with a well established program to develop advanced radiological dispersion devices with maximum destructive capabilities. Has it ever occurred to those Westerners begging for rapprochement with the missile-mad, terrorist-sponsoring mullahs that they might not need fully developed atomic arms to achieve their strategic objectives, that dirty bombs in the hands of skilled, suicidal terrorists capable of staging anonymous attacks could be even more useful than nuclear warheads and bombs, practically speaking, for a regime that muses openly about a "world without America and Zionism?"]

North Korea is a major menace that the world ignores at its own risk. Not for nothing has Pyongyang put San Diego, California on its attack map. To paraphrase Henry Kissinger, if the international community can't stop an impoverished nation with no natural resources from proliferating weapons of mass destruction … and provoking conflict … what meaning is there to the term international community?

-André Pachter
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