Monday, December 09, 2013

Pro-EU Ukraine Opposition Includes Large Neo-Nazi Faction

Svoboda changed its name and Nazi-like logo, but not its ideology.

Shocking but true.

Foreign Confidential editor-at-large AndrĂ© Pachter reports the protests paralyzing the Ukraine government have little, if anything, to do with democracy. Rather, the upheaval is another manifestation of East-West rivalry recalling the Cold War. Basically, Germany, which dominates the EU, and the United States are competing with Russia, and the competition is playing out in the streets of Kiev.

One of the leaders of the opposition is Oleg Tyagnibok, neo-Nazi leader of the ultra-rightwing Svoboda (Freedom) party. He is notorious for making anti-Semitic statements. Svoboda followers toppled Lenin's statue Sunday.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Oleg Tyahnybok, the leader of Svoboda, which has been called an anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi party by the World Jewish Congress and other Jewish organizations, is one of the four “emerging leaders” of the protests, according to The Financial Times. 
According to FT, while many in the capital Kiev do not agree with Svoboda’s strident ultra-nationalism, the “highly disciplined party is providing important organizational support for the current protests” and opposition activists will tolerate the party if it assists in their goal of forcing Yanukovich to step down. 
Not all protesters have tolerated Svoboda, however, with university students pushing a local party chief from a podium at a rally of some 20,000 in the western city of Lviv.

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