Sunday, December 22, 2013

US Drawing Closer to Morocco

Joyce Karam reports "counterterrorism stands at the core of strengthened U.S.-Moroccan relations."

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Comment: Morocco is increasingly important; its progress and achievements, increasingly significant. The United States should make every effort possible to support Morocco--politically and economically--including backing Morocco's claim to the disputed former Spanish colony known as the Western Sahara. The strategically important, sparsely populated territory, which has never been a nation, is threatened by the Polisario Front, a group with a long, well documented history of terrorist violence, extremism and human rights abuses--and ties to Foreign Terrorist Organizations, ranging from Abu Nidal to Al Qaeda.

U.S.-Morocco relations date to the late 1700s. 

Along with Spain and France, Morocco is one of only three countries with both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.