Sunday, January 05, 2014

Al Qaeda, Unleashed by US Policy, Presses Terror War Against Shiites


The blowback is mind boggling.

Al Qaeda and its affiliates and associated groups are advancing across the Middle East, thanks, in great measure, to misguided (to be polite) U.S. policies.

Under cover of promoting democracy and protecting human rights, the Obama administration has inflamed and instigated Islamist revolts and a regional holy war that extends, even, into the North Caucasus, where Al Qaeda-linked separatists have launched a brand new terrorist bombing campaign only weeks ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

To be fair, the Bush administration unleashed Al Qaeda in Iraq by needlessly invading and occupying a contained secular enemy that had no connection to 9/11 (unlike Iran and certain Saudi elements) and no weapons of mass destruction. The Iraq war, which was based on lies and fabrications (anyone remember the massive underground tunnels or the "ring of fire?"), turned Iraq into a Shiite-dominated Iranian satellite that is now threatened by Sunni Islamists, including Al Qaeda and groups supported by Saudi Arabia and indirectly or directly armed by the United States.

Syria, which needed to be politically neutralized, has been turned into a giant killing field--and an Al Qaeda magnet--by U.S. and European meddling and intrigue. In democracy's name, naturally.

The idiocy is indescribable. But there is more to the story than blundering, stupidity and arrogance, the likes of which Americans haven't seen since the Johnson administration plunged the nation into the Vietnam quagmire. The current administration apparently believes, even today, after all that has gone so horribly wrong since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the rise of Al Qaeda and 9/11, that Islamic clerical fascism (Islamism) is a wave that can be harnessed without drowning, or, to use another metaphor, a tiger on which Washington can ride (against Russia and China?) without being eaten.

Where's the outrage? Agreeing with the administration on, say, health care, or the need to extend unemployment benefits or raise the minimum wage, does not mean one must also support unnecessary military interventions or shameful policies of appeasing and engaging (attempt to align with) medieval maniacs who slaughter, torture and enslave human beings in religion's name.

POSTSCRIPT: Where are the drones? Will they be deployed against Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, or are the flying killer robots reserved for use only against the organization's so-called core?