Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Hitchcock's Restored 'Lost' Holocaust Film to be Released

Full Version of F3080 to be Screened with Night Will Fall

Alfred Hitchcock took no pay for his work on the film.

Forgotten for decades, the documentary, known only as F3080, has been restored and will be shown in full for the first time along with a new documentary, Night Will Fall, about the making of F3080 and the reasons it was hidden away.

An edited version of F3080, titled Memory of the Camps, was aired on PBS in 1985.

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F3080 wasn't lost. It was suppressed. The film was buried by a deeply anti-Semitic British government that was bent on preventing the emergence (actually the rebirth) of a Jewish state in Palestine, and was therefore opposed to anything that would naturally create sympathy for Jewish victims and survivors of the Holocaust, including the nearly 11,000 survivors interned in the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp in the shadow of the infamous concentration camp.

The British buried the film for another reason too: the beginnings of the Cold War. London, like Washington, had disgracefully decided to recruit and work with Nazis in order to counter the Soviet Union and facilitate the occupation of Germany.  Exposing the horrors of the Holocaust to British film audiences could have interfered with the perfidious postwar collaboration.

-André Pachter

Blurry, Edited Version of F3080 Shown on PBS in 1985
Memory Of The Camps (2010) WARNING: Contains disturbing images from Nik Ammar on Vimeo.