Sunday, January 12, 2014


Peace for Our Time?

The Iran nuclear deal will take effect January 20.

Will the pact preserve the peace or will the deal make war inevitable--on Iran's terms--just as the infamous Munich Agreement made war with Nazi Germany inevitable on its terms?

Time will tell.

Revealing Language Regarding "Iran's Regional Policies"

In the meantime, the above-referenced report by the New York Times makes a telling point: "Both the United States and Iran have sought to insulate the nuclear negotiations from the tensions over Iran’s regional policies."

Iran is ruled by a clerical fascist (Islamist) regime that is pursuing an imperialist foreign policy--meaning, it aims to overturn Iran's power relations with other nations, known as the status quo. In line with its imperialist foreign policy, Iran's minimal intentions are to dominate the Middle East by destroying Israel, destabilizing Saudi Arabia, and driving the United States from the region. (Iranian regime maximalists muse openly about destroying both the U.S. and Israel--i.e. "a world without America and Zionism.")

The lesson of the 1938 Munich pact is that it is impossible to appease a totalitarian regime bent on overturning the status quo. Every concession to the aggressor is interpreted as weakness inviting more aggression leading to full-blown conflict--on the aggressor's terms. Attempts to separate, or "insulate," the nuclear issue from Iran's foreign policy smack of Munich-style appeasement--or worse. In the run-up to World War II, the European powers appeased but didn't try to ally with the Nazi regime. In contrast, the Obama administration seems bent on engaging--code for aligning with--the dreaded Islamist regime. The administration apparently believes that it can play Shiite Islamism against Sunni Islamism, with which it has already aligned U.S. foreign policy, and manipulate both branches of rightwing political Islam to advance U.S. interests.

Given the results of Washington's covert and overt alliances with Sunni Islamism--the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the blowback of 9/11, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria--and the catastrophic consequences of the Carter administration's complicity in Iran's Islamic Revolution in the first place, the lessons to be learned from yet another such alignment are almost too horrible to imagine.