Thursday, January 16, 2014

On Obama's Odd 'Narrowing' and Wild Tiger Riding

As confirmed by the U.S. Senate's Benghazi report, President Obama has narrowed the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda's "core"--a concept that appears to exclude Al Qaeda branches, affiliates and sympathizers.

In Syria, some of these groups have even been indirectly armed by the United States; and Saudi-supported Salafists, somehow regarded as more "moderate" than Al Qaeda, are clearly considered allies or potential allies.

So much for Islamism's Sunni side. Obama has also narrowed the definition of the Shiite Iranian threat to Tehran's nuclear program--that is to say, to the monstrous mullahocracy's covert development of nuclear bombs and warheads. Its development of dirty bombs and nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, including ICBMs, seems assured.

The Islamist regime's imperialist foreign policy has apparently also been assured. In fact, the Obama administration aims to align with Iran in order to "stabilize" the Middle East.

All of which recalls the Carter administration's attempt to ride two Islamist tigers--the jihadists in Afghanistan and Khomeini's movement in Iran--without being eaten. We all know how that turned out; unfortunately, Obama seems bent on repeating history.