Friday, June 24, 2016


By Luis Ramirez, VOA

LONDON—Britain has voted to leave the European Union, forecasts show, with nearly all of the votes counted.

British broadcasters BBC, ITV and Sky News all called the vote in favor of the leave camp, with nearly 52 percent voting to exit the EU.

The turnout was high in a vote that touches on immigration, sovereignty, security and Britain’s economic future, Britain's electoral commission said.

"Counting Officers have verified that a total of 33,568,184 ballot papers will be included in the count for the referendum. Based on a confirmed electorate of 46,500,001, turnout at the referendum was 72.2 percent," the commission said in a statement.

The leader of the Leave campaign, Nigel Farage said June 23 will go down as "Independence Day" in Britain’s history and called on Prime Minister David Cameron to resign following the leave vote.

The uncertainty that will follow Britain's exit sent the pound tumbling, and it was down more than five percent overnight in London.