Thursday, June 23, 2016

Interpol Asks Public to Help Catch Migrant Smugglers

By VOA News

Interpol has called on the public to help them search for 11 migrant smugglers on Thursday.
The international police organization, based in France, has already arrested 26 people across several countries who have been accused of being involved in migrant smuggling.

“The criminal networks involved have no regard for the safety or well being of the people using their illegal services, they are just another commodity for them to trade, as we have seen with tragic results around the world," said Michael O'Connell, director of interpol's operational support unit.

“Operation Hydra is aimed at dismantling these networks, to stop them from profiting from the desperation of people and bringing those responsible to justice, and we would encourage anyone with information to come forward,” he concluded.

Interpol posted pictures of the 11 suspects on their website Thursday, calling on anyone with information to step forward; however, they stressed the difficulties of catching migrant smugglers, as victims are most often unwilling or unable to share details.

Individuals suspected of migrant smuggling make thousands of dollars for each person they offer to bring to Europe, with one Albanian smuggling group charging as much as $16,000 per person to be smuggled by boat from France to England, according to the Interpol.