Sunday, May 19, 2013

Defiant North Korea Fires Missile from Coast

Provocative Projectile Firing Follows Yesterday's Launches

North Korea is ignoring U.S. calls for restraint.

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We are witnessing the complete unravelling of the Obama foreign policy. America's adversaries are not impressed by his lofty lectures on his view of how they should behave according to their true, enlightened self interests.

There is also a clear degree of coordination between North Korea and Iran, tag team partners in nuclear and missile crimes.

The United States should cut a deal with China about regime change in North Korea, reunification of Korea and U.S. withdrawal from the South.

Similarly, Washington and Moscow should cut a deal on the political neutralization, division into autonomous provinces and demilitarization of Syria.

There needs to be order in the world, which requires statesmanship--not political posturing--and deal-making at the highest levels of government. The price for pacifying Korea and Syria, and isolating--ahead of removing--the Iranian regime will be Grand Bargains among the superpowers (China and Russia need the status, still have the nuclear arsenals that must be taken into consideration, etc.) encompassing agreement on spheres of influence allowing for protection of key U.S. allies Japan and Israel. There is a huge difference between, on the one hand, staying strong and not being seen as weak and vulnerable, and, on the other hand, insisting on a divine right to "lead the world" in such a manner so as to approach the whole globe as a sphere of influence.

There is also a huge difference between isolationism and imperialism--not as Marxists use the term but as it applies to a foreign policy that aims to overturn the status quo, radically alter power relationships among nations, reorder and reshape regions (in the name of democracy promotion and humanitarian intervention). Both policies--isolationism and imperialism--are pathways to disaster.

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